Blog- Some of us are trapped with thoughts of whether  are good in writing and want to know what are readers love to read and what are another one hates. If you compare with what was Shakespeare had done, are you thought that you are fool?.

Some people you were asked for their advices were telling you: Do not write too many adverbs, too much talks. Oh my God I just would to say: I have to explain everything by telling them repeatedly. So I need feel much better with my description.

Not really, so here we go for some tips for being good in writing:
1. Let read, read everything you need people recommended me to read a lot. They said words are the lifeblood of great writing, you need all valuable input in order to become a good writer.

2. You need help, because you can not do everything alone. So you need an editor or someone else to critique your writing. Someone you trust.

3. Write everyday. Hey, it not merely meant about an exercise, you know you can not be good without practice, you can do it every single day! Oh my God you scare about it?

4. If be needed, no problem doing to do Rewrite. Do you thing you want every single thing you write are the new things one? No, even you think you have an idea it was someone else did the same, you just need rewrite some with different.

5. Get  inspired, this one is hard to explain. Good writer know how to start writing.

When you ready to write something, let coming back to the points above, when you think your article is good enough please do not so hurry up to publish. You want people read what you writing then you

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must remember to think again: will they read it? You know so many people have something to say, they go to the internet to tell and the internet is a megaphone for them, sometimes even a good voice don’t get heard. There’s a lot of noise and little clarity right now.

Just remember one thing: When you think you can, then you can do it!

By ; Ivlay Fus

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